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It is extremely important that you follow all the maintenance instructions correctly. If you do not follow these instructions correctly it will result in hair extensions falling out and matting and tangling!!!

Please wait for at least 2 days before washing your hair extensions for the first time.

Brushing & styling Hair Extensions

When brushing hair, always work from the bottom up supporting the hair at the bonds with one hand. Do not brush or comb your hair upside-down. Use a specialist extensions brush.

Never put a hot hair dryer on the roots and bonds of the Hair Extensions, try and leave it to dry naturally for as long as you can or use a hair dryer on a warm setting.

When using heated appliances such as straighteners or curling tongs, avoid the bonds as the heat generated by these appliances will weaken the bonds and therefore result in hair extensions falling out.

Washing Hair Extensions

Do not wash hair any more than 5 times per week if you can help it. If need be, there is a very good dry hair shampoo on the market called Batiste, you can buy this from Boots, Superdrug and large supermarkets etc.

Remove all tangles prior to shampooing.

When washing hair extensions, the most important tip is to keep the hair going straight down your back, this is best done standing in the shower.

Apply shampoo to the palm of your hand in a downwards motion. In between the hair extensions to cleanse the scalp. Do not mix hair together, do not wash hair upside-down, do not use a circular motion to lather hair. Do not pile extensions on top of your head as you would your own hair.

■ Do not use shampoos with built in conditioners.

■ Do not use citrus hair products, these will dry out your hair and weaken and deteriorate the bonds.

■ Do not use anti-dandruff treatments.

■ Use a good conditioner.

■ Do not get conditioner on or anywhere near the bonds!!!

■ Gently squeeze the excess moisture from the hair with a towel, do not rub.

■ Brush through, starting from the bottom and working upwards, supporting the bonds as you do so with your other hand.

■ If you wish to use a leave-in conditioner or serum, avoid the bonds.

■ Never pick at the bonds. Picking at the bonds will result in hair loss.


■ Always give your hair extensions a really good brush before bed, supporting the bonds at all times with your other hand.

■ Braid your hair into a loose ponytail to the side.

■ Do not sleep with wet or damp hair. THIS WILL RESULT IN EXTREME MATTING.

General information

If you wish to go swimming either in a swimming pool or the sea then make sure you tie your hair extensions up!! Both chlorine and sea water are extremely bad for hair extensions and should be avoided at all costs!!

If you are unfortunate enough to get head-lice, you will have to have your hair extensions removed to get rid of them.

Although the hair extensions are real hair, they are not attached to the scalp and will not receive the same nutrients and oils as your natural hair. The more you use heated appliances on your hair the dryer it will become, so try and give your hair a rest from straighteners and curling tongs whenever you can.

The average head sheds approximately 100 hairs per day, use a maintenance brush to free them and your finger-tips to keep hair extensions from matting together.

Always make sure that you separate any bonds that are sticking together (this is caused by the build up of dead hair). Separate the bonds by gently pulling them apart then brushing the area carefully. The brush you have has been designed to brush over the hair extension bonds without damaging them, don’t be scared to do this.

Everyone’s hair is different, some people’s hair will last the FULL 3-6 months and more without any hair or extensions sliding out. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone! This depends on your NATURAL hair type. Please expect some hair extensions to come away during or after the 3-6 month period.

Everyone is different, and people with oily hair will lose more hair extensions, due to the surface oil and having to wash their hair more often.

Removal of Hair Extensions

R700 per hour (please expect the process to take between 2 – 5 hours depending on how well you have looked after your extensions).

If you wish to remove your own hair extensions it will take anything from 5 – 10 hours.

You will need someone to help you and:

■ 1 x bottle of pure acetone you can buy pure acetone from Sally’s Hair & Beauty supplies or chemists.

■ 1x pair of pliers

■ 1x fine tooth comb


■ Put the acetone carefully crush the bond with the pliers.

■ Re-spray the crushed bond with the acetone and the hair extensions should gently come away. If it doesn’t come

■ away easily then repeat process until it does (do not tug at the hair extension)!!

■ Gently comb the remainder keratin out of the hair, using acetone as and when required.

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